,, Bugatti of snuff kits “ a few questions for our ambassador DJ Lady Tazz

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Who is Dj Lady Tazz?

Lady Tazz is a DJ and Producer from Canada and Bangladesh. She’s the founder and curator of Mind Medizin Records.

She  is a rebel. She is not one to be caged and is making her own indelible mark on the global underground techno scene. This Canadian/Bangladeshi artist promotes the kinky side of techno and enjoys giving her listeners dark inviting soundscapes, with mind-melting synths and ethereal vocals with spikes of acid.

Her inimitable sound is dark hypnotic synths, ethereal vocals and pristine beats cut through with spikes of acid. Tazz is captivated by the beauty of chance occurrences in the studio – grabbing hold of the unexpected and building her musical world around it.

1) What prompted you to purchase our snuff kit?and were there any factors that influenced your decision?

I like to enjoy the nightlife a lot and I have a strong taste for luxury products , luxury to me isn't defined by the price BUT by its  Quality , and Nysberry is Pure QUALITY .

2) How often do you use our product, and in what situations do you find them most useful?

On Very Special Occasions : Mostly in Romantic Affairs as these nights are special .

3) Have you ever tried different brand of snuff accessories?

Yes I have a big range of Snuff product collection  , Im very picky and selective on how I  like to enjoy candies , But Nysberry is the best in the market .

4) Can you tell us about a particularly positive experience you had using our snorting kit?

I have  the best experience every single time I hold the Kit , the size and the shape couldn't be more perfect . Very beautifully designed, it's a fashion statement for me .

5) Do you feel that is Nysberry priced appropriately, and would you be willing to pay more for additional features or enhancements?

Yes, I would be willing to pay more . Quality can have a price on it

6) What do you think we could do to improve the design or functionality?


7) Have you recommended Nysberry to anyone else, and if so, what feedback have you received from them?

They all were like Wow that is the Bugatti of all snuff kits .