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Nysberry - First Edition snuff set and snuff box

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General information:
Material: high-quality 100% stainless steel
Weight: 126g
Dimension: 60 mm x 35 mm x 10 mm
The recommended amount of snuff product: 2 grams

  • discreet solution for snuff users -  snuff box is very comfortable easy to use.
  • user-friendly design -  The high-quality snuff spoon and snuff snorter is beautifully designed, suitable for parties and private spaces to use. 
  • elegant and stylish look -  the look of the snuff set really feels luxurious. you can  Easy clean.
  • solid case construction for safe storage of the snuff -  the snuff box body protect from the leakage in the pocket 
  • universal use   snorting kit can be used for example snuff tobacco, etc