DJs you need to know about

Cocaine accessories

The new year awaits us, here are some of the DJs that you need to know about. And as always, remember your snuff kit to avoid any spillages or lost product. A big warning from us is to look out for cheap cocaine accessories (the coke bullet or the cocaine sniffer) as we are morally against selling them. We don’t advocate for poor craftsmanship, risky practices and useless products because Nysberry is the crème de la crème of snuff kits. Pace yourself as your safety is paramount and remember that you can always take more tobacco, you can never take less!


Yung Singh, a British Asian DJ, has taken 2022 by storm thanks to his unique boiler room sets. He has propelled himself into an international star and a festival headliner as a result of his eclectic music choice. His Punjabi Sikh heritage and British upbringing offers a source of inspiration which is clear to see in his Punjabi garage track selection, however, Yung Singh can’t be labelled or boxed into one genre. He constantly pushes boundaries and explores many different types of genres, which will keep clubbers and festival goers coming back for more in 2023.


This next DJ has worked closely with Nysberry. Lady Tazz, our brand ambassador, is not just a DJ but a larger than life performer who is also a talented and fierce dominatrix. She is an advocate for living a life that is true to who you are and is pioneering a movement of free expression. Techno can often feel darker and more sterile as a genre, but Lady Tazz gives her sets a lease of life due to her eccentric outfits and energetic dancing. She is a worldwide touring DJ and has released her own music such as her EP, called submit to me, which you owe to yourselves to check out. Expect to hear more about her from us in 2023 as she is privileged enough to have a personalized Nysberry snuff snorter kit, which you can also pick up on our website.


Interplanetary Criminal has made serious contributions to the current music scene thanks to his role on B.O.T.A (baddest of them all)  with Eliza Rose. Was B.O.T.A the biggest track of 2022? It very well could have been, which secures Interplanetary Criminal on our list of DJs you need to watch out for in 2023. His focus on producing high quality house and UKG tracks is definitely contributing to a revival of the garage scene which, in my opinion, was too short-lived. Expect to dance for hours at any of his sets, as all the songs he has been part of are unique and really creative. The vocals on Sidewindah are fun and make the track memorable which is definitely contributing to his success as well as the sample choices he has chosen on 100% which is bound to leave ravers asking what song he just played. Check out our snuff accessories to elevate the party, and check out Interplanetary Criminal to elevate the vibes in 2023.


Blair Muir, a Scottish DJ and producer, is one of the pioneers of modern bassline. He has worked in expanding the arsenal of rappers such as Double Lz and Jaykae as he has given them the tools to try a bassline flow. Bassline, which mixes rap and house, is making crowds across the UK simultaneously enjoy great lyrical skill and a great beat they can dance to for hours. Our snorting kit will also help you dance for hours in 2023.