Best music festival in the world - Tomorrowland vs Coachella

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Every music festival fan will be familiar with Tomorrowland Music Festival. The festival first took place on the 14th August 2005 in town Boom located in Belgium. Tomorrowland was organised by Dutch entertainment and medium enterprise called ID&T Belgium, and although they secured only handful of artists, the festival attracted over 9000 attendees. After successful launch, the music festival was repeated the following year. And perhaps the fact that DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold was performing contributed to festival’s popularity. Unfortunately, he cancelled his participation at the last minute due to tour with Madonna. However, 15 000 attendees enjoyed the festival even without his presence. In 2019, the attendance reached close to 480 000 people. The experience is further supported by a light show which brings the festival to another level.

Participants can bring their own food and drink too. Festival is also attended by people who enjoy smoking, however, they usually keep their kit safe in snuff box and occasionally they bring their full snuff set. In those days, it’s better to bring your own Nysberry, small and elegant version of snuff set, where you have everything in one place. You will also see people bringing their snorter kit to show off their collection of safe storage for their tobacco.

Burning man

The Burning man festival has its roots in America, and it’s been running since mid-1980s. It was founded in 1986 by Larry Harvey who broke up with his partner. As a symbolic dot after this breakup, he took an effigy of a man to the Baker Beach in San Francisco and set it on fire. A small crowd gathered and soon it became an annual event. As Baker Beach was not suitable place to hold this festival, it was moved to uninhabited area in the state of Nevada. In the middle of desert, a festival town pops up for a week every year. Every artist gets a chance to express their signature art. Large statues of various materials grow here and it is true that some of them reach as high as 20 meters. A huge number of allegorical cars and thousands of music listeners gather every year around August/September to enjoy time together with the help of creative party accessories.

Overall, the festival seems safe, and there are strict safety rules to follow like no guns, pyrotechnics and no fast rides in cars or on the bikes. Burning man is a festival like no other. Due to its wildness and freedom, it attracts many people from all over the America as well as Europe.

Sziget Festival

This festival started in 1993. In summer, the Óbuda Island in Budapest transforms into place full of music stages and many other attractions. Provisional dates for 2022 are between 10th and 15th August. Festival has a great line up of big musical artists. The whole area will be full of interesting things to do to ensure there is something for everyone.
In 2019, Sziget festival have seen over half million attendees. Thousands of musicians and artists like Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Post Malone, Jane Goodall or Emtithal Mahmoud took care of the entertainment. Sziget Festval offers plenty of fun, especially with very sophisticated light shows and sound effects that literally draws people to the dance floor. It’s not a problem to bring Nysberry or cool party accessorise like all sorts of masks, carnival costumes or face and body paint.


The festival of music and dance genre, which has very strict rules, is reaping great success and participation. Start of this festival dates to 2000. However, the indoor dance party began to grow and two years later it split into two separate parts. Sensation White and Sensation Black, mainly due to different musical styles. The positive power of music, dance and international participants joined all into one united motto to celebrate life. Everybody can enjoy this music and dance Sensation festival, which is also full of light and other interesting effects.


Coachella festival started in 1999. The full name of this festival is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and its home is Coachella Valey in California. The aim of this festival was to attract famous artists and bring as many participants as possible as well as to compete with the famous Woodstock festival. Unfortunately, the first year was not successful and in fact organisers lost lots of money. The following year, they took break and restarted again in 2001. Thanks to the determination, Coachella festival eventually picked up and started to gain popularity. Ticket sales went from 25 000 in 1999 to 250 000 in 2017. It´s very nice.


Exit Music festival belongs to those happening in the summer. Exit takes place in the unique area of the Pertovatradin Fortress in Serbian town Novi Sad, overlooking the Danube River. First year happened in 2000 and no one had any idea how successful it would be. Originally, it was a student movement that fought for democracy and freedom. Those political ideas lasted until 2007, when it all was abandoned. Regardless of ideas, this festival is reaping great success.
The festival is literally packed with music artist loving electronic dance music genre. Light effects evoke strong emotions, but also relaxation.