The top 5 European party destinations


In no particular order…

Barcelona is home to great views, great weather and great music

Make the most of the locals who will go and fetch you beer from the shops whilst you recline on the beach. You will need as much rest as you can get before hitting the many rooftop bars, clubs and boat parties that Barcelona has to offer. Exquisite food to cure the inevitable hangover is also plentiful. I would recommend visiting Mood which is a roof top bar with great views and excellent cocktails before spending the night at Jamboree for great jazz music in an intimate venue. Red58 is unique if techno is more your style.

Berlin is for the seasoned veteran

Berlin is home to some of the most world renowned clubs in Europe due to the influence of the underground scene which has cemented it as the Mecca for underground electronic music. Book your trip now and look forward to some unforgettable experiences and weekend long partying. Berlin is not for instagram. Club owners enforce a no photo policy by sticking stickers to your cameras in order for dancing, real interaction and free expression. This means that there is a truly unique experience every time that you enter one of the famous night clubs in this vibrant city. Clubs to check out are KitKat, Berghaine and Tresor which are known having a free environment that is fuelled by good music, drugs and sex. A snuff box is a life saver. Researching the door police at each club is highly recommended or you may find yourself in a more touristy club…

Amsterdam is much more than a coffee shop 

The Netherlands is famous for its liberal policy towards marijuana, and yes there are a plethora of strains to enjoy, but what puts Amsterdam on the list is that it has something for everyone.  (remember a snuff kithas fostered a great environment for club culture to flourish plus the pubs and bars are fantastic. It’s unforgettable if you don’t mind sweaty ravers telling you how much they love you. Places to check out include De Schule and sugar factory for clubbing and boerejongens for a premium smoke.

Prague is a gem close to home

Great venues that are always atmospheric await you in this beautiful city. Exploring everything Prague has to offer is a pleasure. There are many amazing bars and clubs such as Duplex which is home to great views on their rooftop bar as well as exhilarating performances from DJs such as the Afroboys. Prague has it all. It has great boat parties and cigar lounges such as the Cohiba Atmosphere bar as well as beer gardens to keep you occupied during the day.

Manchester is a cultural titan of electronic music

Since the rise of bands like Happy Mondays and Primal Scream in the late 80s, Manchester or ‘Madchester’ as it has been affectionately called, has cemented itself as the party capital of the United Kingdom. Acid house was born out of Chicago yet exported to Europe thanks to DJs and producers such as 808 state. Since the rave scene of the 80s and 90s, Manchester has kept its reputation with brilliant venues and an ability to attract great artists. Only a foolish raver would miss a night at Hidden or at one of their many underground raves.

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