Nysberry stands out as the most exclusive snuff kit and snuff box on the market, as a result of its high quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Get used to enjoying a sleek, elegant, portable snuff kit.

Product information

Nysberry is the ideal product for individuals who prioritise elegance and luxury. Our discrete snuff kit provides everything one could need for easy and comfortable snuffing. 

Our exclusive products offer elegance and balance to the hectic party scene.

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Nysberry - First Edition snuff kit and snuff box
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General information:
Material: high-quality 100% stainless steel
Weight: 126g
Dimension: 60 mm x 35 mm x 10 mm
The recommended amount of snuff product: 2 grams

  • discreet solution for snuff users -  snuff box is very comfortable easy to use.
  • user-friendly design -  The high-quality snuff spoon and snuff snorter is beautifully designed, suitable for parties and private spaces to use. 
  • elegant and stylish look -  the look of the snuff kit really feels luxurious. you can  Easy clean.
  • solid case construction for safe storage of the snuff -  the snuff box body protect from the leakage in the pocket 
  • universal use   snorting kit can be used for example snuff tobacco, etc 

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