Nysberry Ritual Magic Cutter Card
Nysberry Ritual Magic Cutter Card


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Experience the magic. Feel the difference. Meticulously designed to create the finest powder within a few swipes, our community of gentlemen views the Nysberry Magic Card as the key, unlocking the door to the most unimaginable snuff experiences. Some call it a head-turner. We call it the Nysberry standard.

Dimensions: 86 mm x 54 mm

Thickness: 0.18mm

DISCREET: Made to slot seamlessly into your wallet, this cutter card is the size of a credit card, for effortless transportation. From the office to the bar, without a hitch.

CONVENIENT: We don’t believe in scrambling for a clean card. We believe in dedicated tools that radiate exclusivity. Purpose-built, for those high-end evenings, where female attention is the main thing on the menu.

CROWD PLEASER: Designed to put all eyes on you, this cutter card is for life’s gentlemen; the type who refuse to settle for anything less than unwavering sophistication. Sleek, masculine, and unthinkably bold.

RITUAL COLLECTION: With this collection, there are no guessing games. Simply prepare the table, sprinkle out some product, shape it, and snort it. Effortless, every time.

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