About us

The home of snuff kits, where quality and practicality collide.


To many, we’re pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers, shaking up snuff accessories as we know them. To our team, it’s just another day of pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through snuff kits, armed with our European Uniontrademark. As a Czech Republic-based business, founded in 2020, we’ve created a space where luxury meets art, next-generation manufacturing meets unrivaled workmanship, and gold-standard stainless steel meets a world of cutting-edgeCNC techniques.


Simply put, we’re the future of state-of-the-art accessories; the home of premium craftmanship; the blueprint for a better snuff kit, renowned for adding a splash of innovation to the snuff box market. It’s never been enough for us to simply bethe best. Instead, we want to drive an industry revolution, armed with our creative flair, devotion to quality, and love of bringing complete convenience to back pockets across the globe. Your night, your way.


To us, originality isn’t just a goal. It’s an integral part of our DNA. Weaving our unparalleled attention to detail, drive to break the mold, and commitment to exceeding expectations through our every move, we no longer follow trends. Instead, we set them, having fostered a culture of innovation, weaving our drive to be different through each phase of our manufacturing process.


It’s truewe’re on a mission to create a snuff kit line for those who want more; more quality, more innovation, and more opportunities to make your mark, wherever, whenever. As the driving force behind a new wave of snuff accessories, offering a mid-point between fashion and function, our products are designed to embody subtle sophistication. High-end, convenient, and visually excellent – the way it should


Our products are intended for dry tobacco powder use. We strongly discourage and do not support its use for any illegal substances. Misuse is against the law and our company policies. This product is for adults over 18 only. By using it, you confirm you are at least 18 years old.

Dry powder used for our marketing purposes is nicotine-free dry powder snuff Ozona Snuffy Weiss.