Frequently asked questions

What is Nysberry?

Nysberry is a global brand that is dedicated to providing elegant, high quality party accessories to an international market.

Will you ship to me?

Yes, we ship worldwide and use 100% discreet packaging. Shipping is free and should arrive in around 10 days.

What does the snuff kit include?

A sleek, wallet thin, snuff box  that can hold 2grams of product as well as a straw. It’s made from antibacterial stainless steel for hygienic and elegant snuffing.

Check out some photos to see how it conveniently fits in any pocket

Why should I choose Nysberry?

Nysberry are here for the long run. We offer the gold standard of party accessories and believe that luxury has no boundaries. 


Anything else?

Don’t hesitate to contact us using the email 


Check out refund policy for more info.