Frequently asked questions

Nysberry is luxury snuff set that meets all expectations and offers exceptional exclusivity in the snuff accessories category.

What is snuff kit?

Snuff kit is an accessory that belongs to snuff accessories and is generally a container in which you can put your powder or snuff. Nysberry also offers snuff straw so that this snuff cointainer has maximum use and meets all expectations.

Do you ship worlwide?

Yes, we shipping worldwide and use 100% discreet packaging. If you choose free shipping it takes 7-20 working days.

If you choose express shipping it takes 3-5 working days and cost 50 usd.

What does the snuff kit include?

A sleek snorting kit that can hold about 2g of product as well as a snuff straw. Its made from antibacterial stainless steel for hygienic and elegant snuffing. Check out some photos to see it conveniently fits in any pocket.

Why should i choose Nysberry?

Nysberry are here for the long run. We offer the gold standard of snuff accessories and believe that luxury has no boundaries.

Anything else?

Dont hesitate to contact us using the email