How to use the Nysberry

How to fill the Nysberry?

Grab the Snuff box with round end at your thumb and Nysberry brand on the bottom, slide with your thumb to the left until you will hear the click sound, you may need to push a little bit harder. Then pick the loose end and rotate it anticlockwise to the opposite direction. Now is the time for take out a thin cover, for example with your nail. After that, the space for your snuff product will appear. If you would like to close the snuff box, just do everything in opposite sequence. Be sure that you will never turn around opened box upside down – otherwise your snuff product and the tube will fall out.


How to take out the tube?

Taking out the tube is like filling the snuff snorter kit. You need to take your snuff box to your dominant hand, turn the loose end around the round end to the left by your thumb, but with one difference – be sure you turn around only a little bit. You do not want to hear the click sound, but you want to show an opening for a tube, which is located on the top, specifically in the right. Once you will see that opening, just tilt your snuff set until the tube will fall to your hand. After you will be finished with enjoying your snuff, just put the tube back and rotate the loose end of the snuff box to the default position.


How to get contents out?

After you will fill your snorting kit and get it back to the default position, all you need to do is to slide with loose round end to the right. After you reach the end position, the opening will appear on the left side of the snorting box. Tilt the box and pour out your snuff in your desired amount by tapping the box. After closing your snuff snorter, you do not need and special snuff accessories, because you can make a straight line with edge of the snorting box. Then just take out the snuff snorter and the fun can begin!