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It’s the snuff accessory you didn’t know you needed – until now. Exchanging those desperate searches for a rolled-up bank note, for a sleek, sophisticated straw that’s always ready for action, this snuff accessory delivers the touch of class every gentleman needs. It’s more than a sniff. It’s an experience.

Length: 59 mm
Outer Diameter: 6 mm
Inner Diameter: 4 mm
Material: Stainless Steel

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Just like you, adventure is woven through our DNA. And so, whether you’re emerging from a cloud of dust at a festival, or you’ve been caught in a champagne shower at a beach club, that ’brand new’ feeling is never far away.

  • HIGH-QUALITY – Some snuff accessories are designed to last the night. Nysberry straws are designed to last the decade, bringing ultra-durable stainless steel and quality craftsmanship together.

  • EYE-CATCHING – Simply put, we craft snuff straws that bring people together. The type that commands a crowd, reeling in like-minded ladies, while asserting your position as a gentleman. Easy.

RITUAL COLLECTION: With this collection, there are no guessing games. Simply prepare the table, sprinkle out some product, shape it, and snort it. Effortless, every time.

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