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NYSBERRY Straw Gold Widebore

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It’s the snuff straw of all snuff straws, with an extra layer of luxury woven through. Made from genuine 14c gold, we’re the minds – and craftsmen – behind the next generation of high-end party gear, where unparalleled hygiene and world-class designs intertwine.

Material: 14c Gold
Length: 59 mm
Outer Diameter: 6 mm
Inner Diameter: 5 mm

  • SIZE MATTERS – With a 25% larger inner diameter than our standard straw, this snuff straw is made for effortless snorting. From the table to your nose, with the click of a finger.

  • PORTABLE – Lightweight, compact, and designed to slot into even the smallest of front pockets, our snuff straws are made to take you from the office to the poker table, without rousing suspicion.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Whether you’re a social straw-sharer or the type to keep the magic to yourself, this snuff straw is made to be cleaned within a flash as you rush out of the door. Because, sometimes, the good times can’t wait.

RITUAL COLLECTION: With this collection, there are no guessing games. Simply prepare the table, sprinkle out some product, shape it, and snort it. Effortless, every time.