Nysberry Funnel Channel of Dream 3D Plastic
NYSBERRY Funnel Light

NYSBERRY Funnel Light

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It’s the snuff kit essential you didn’t know you needed, until now. Made for effortless filling of your Nysberry device, free of spilling, it’s called the Channel of Dreams for good reason. Bringing together striking visuals, extraordinary materials, and an ingenious shape, we’re firm in the belief that the results speak for themselves.

Material: Plastic (3D printed)

VERSATILE: Select the material that embodies your lifestyle, from the simplicity of plastic to the luxuriousness of brass, or even the masculinity of stainless steel. There are no rules, here.

EFFORTLESS: Fill your Nysberry device, in the time it takes for you to command a crowd. Easy to use, this snuff funnel unlocks the door to unimaginably effortless filling, carefully shaped to combat even the smallest spills.

LUXURY: Combining the highest quality materials with the most intricate craftsmanship, the Channel of Dreams is made for the gentleman who focuses on the finer details.

RITUAL COLLECTION: With this collection, there are no guessing games. Simply prepare the table, sprinkle out some product, shape it, and snort it. Effortless, every time.