Nysberry | Leather Pouch
Nysberry | Leather Pouch
Nysberry | Leather Pouch

NYSBERRY Leather Pouch

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Subtle, sophisticated, and simple, whilst designed to sit snugly around your Nysberry snuff kit, this is a pouch for the gentleman who cares about the details. It’s the reason each pouch is made from genuine cowhide saffiano leather, born out of our refusal to compromise on quality.

  • PROTECTIVE – Looks matter. That’s why we’ve crafted a solution that acts as a safety net around your snuff kit, keeping scratches, wear, and marks at bay. Pristine kits, every time.

  • LUXURIOUS – It’s a pouch that you’ll want to be seen with. Think the highest quality of leather, paired with the meticulous craftsmanship we’ve built a reputation for – without exception.

  • VERSATILE – This isn’t reserved for our latest models. It’s a pouch made to fit every Nysberry model, old and new. After all, our kits never go out of style.

  • PORTABLE – Smaller than a credit card, and thinner than a cellphone, this pouch is made to slot effortlessly in your back pocket, before it’s time to make a grand entrance.

RITUAL COLLECTION: With this collection, there are no guessing games. Simply prepare the table, sprinkle out some product, shape it, and snort it. Effortless, every time.